All our handmade rug designs can be customized to suit your requirements.

Custom Rugs

The Blue Knot is dedicated to complete satisfaction in making custom rugs that will be a unique masterpiece for its Customers. We can create a rug that is perfectly matched to your custom requirements. Our experts will help you in the process whether it is a piece of Yarn, fabric or anything you can provide us. The rug can be made in any shape and size using different natural fibers and yarns at tbk.

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Custom Size Rugs

A rug is a crucial element in defining the look and feel of a room, but sometimes a standard size won't do. With the ability to customize the size and shape of a rug, The Blue knot can help bring any vision to life.

The in-house studio at The Blue knot is on hand to assist with customizing the size or shape of a rug to suit your client's needs. Whether it's a small adjustment from one of the standard sizes or a completely custom shape, The Blue knot is equipped to handle it all.

They acknowledge many spaces such as hallways and staircases require a custom size rug for the perfect fit. Choose any design from the vast design library to create a custom size rug for a one-of-a-kind piece. The Blue knot is committed to creating rugs that are not only beautiful but also functional. With a custom size rug option, you can ensure that your client's space is both stylish and practical.




If adapting an existing design isn’t enough, try something entirely unique with a bespoke rug. Let your imagination run wild and use our expertise to transform your design into a beautiful bespoke rug at TBK.

Bespoke Rugs

Let your imagination run wild and we will use our expertise to transform your design into a beautiful bespoke rug at The Blue Knot.


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