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Bespoke Service

The possibilities of rug design are infinite and we are always open to new ideas. Our Bespoke Service allows you to create a completely new piece, either based on an idea you have or developed alongside our team.

There are many nuances of technique and material to explore, as well as a dazzling range of colors at your disposal. Whatever you have in mind, we have the expertise and experience to help you realize your dream rug.

As with customizing an existing design, it will take some time to weave your bespoke rug, but your patience will be rewarded on the delivery of a completely unique piece, interpreted from your imaginings at The Blue Knot.



This luxurious product is hand tufted from the finest New Zealand wool and bamboo silk, offering a timeless, classic design in subtle shades of cream. Enjoy the softness and durability of this product, designed to last.


Replicating a perfect Nordic setting, this hand tufted rug in shades of blue and peach makes for a cozy corner accessorized by a beautiful chair, pouf and baskets.


Abstract and quirky, this hand tufted rug in shades of orange, yellow and charcoal goes perfectly with an accent chair.

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