The fluid campaign is meant to revive eco-friendly hand woven dhurries composed of cotton and wool in myriad hues of black, white, indigo. Dhurries are decorative, robust and long lasting and are indigenous to india. These dhurries derive their name from the use of Panja- a metallic claw shaped tool to pack the weft yarn during weaving. The other technique used to make these dhurries is traditional pit loom with a fly shuttle. This collection is an ode to late designer and art enthusiast Shyam Ahuja who revived interest in dhurries in India when the craft, earlier patronized by the royalty and the British, was fading away.

Halcyon (7604167245980)
Cobalt (7576401379484)
Cherry (7576400396444)
Oaker (7565487669404)
Copenhagen (7562203431068)
Nickel (7397615861916)
Chalice (7397614911644)
Cadet (7397611929756)
Alice (7397604753564)
Adelaide (7397567955100)
Gossamer (7360597491868)
Flaccid (7360597229724)
Acqueous (7360596934812)
Cloudy (7360596869276)
Castelo (7562592092316)