The Blue Knot

At the blue knot we believe in weaving contemporary spaces by delivering utmost quality products and services at affordable prices in a sustainable manner.

About Us

Armed with an experience in the export market for over 25 years by partnering with the biggest retail brands including Anthropologie, Target, John Lewis, Urban Outfitters, Joann, we bring to you our retail front The Blue Knot. The blue knot is built on a foundation of Trust and stability, synonymous with the color blue. Spanning over 1.2 million square feet, our parent facility headquartered in Bhadohi is 100% vertically integrated which reaffirms our commitment towards quality. We make conscious decisions in nurturing the societal fabric and the environment around us right from yarns we procure, to the process we follow to the people we hire.

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The Blue knot began its journey from basic infrastructure where carpets were woven by hands. With the passing years, we have developed the best infrastructure having both handwoven and mechanized craftsmanship. With 1.2 million square feet of infrastructure spread across different parts of India such as bhadohi, Panipat, and Noida, we are proud to have a network of about 12500 artisans whom we provide as a means of livelihood and support to these artisans.

Our Journey

Every carpet here is woven with a distinct grace and an unmatched style that speaks volumes about the carpet weaving tradition of India.

Founder Notes

Ever since I was a child, I was surrounded by the world of fabrics and textiles. Infact, I was one of the leading founders of our family-owned business Shanti Banaras. Working into the sphere of fabrics, home textiles was a huge stepping stone for me. The initial interaction with fashion and apparel gave me a strong knowhow for design, aesthetics and color combinations all of which I could easily translate into home decor.Β  Therefore, post my MBA from Boston, I was instantly motivated to open a retail brand in the home textiles sphere. The blue knot was culminated with the thought of modern and minimalistic designs for a contemporary setting, be it your office, home, study or an outhouse. I strongly believe in designing contemporary spaces for its ability to provide simplicity, subtle sophistication, clean lines and deliberate use of textures. As a domestic arm of an export house with more than 50 years legacy, The blue knot has a 100% vertically integrated facility which allows us to recreate but in a mindful and conscious way. Over the long term, we want to delve into the intersection of art and culture strongly to reimagine contemporary spaces.


Take a glimpse into the world of impeccable craftsmanship and innovative designs taking form into something that brings a sense of novelty and pride.

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The Blue Knot is a trademark of quality and design that is renowned across the world. We believe in putting together the old weaving tradition with state-of-the-art attention to sustainability and design.